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The knowlbenefitsedge gained from work across the schools has had a significant impact on the development of teaching and learning within the Trust schools. At an operational level, both teaching and non teaching staff at all levels within the schools have been encouraged to work together to share excellent practice, support development and tackle new agendas introduced by both local and national government.

Representatives across the schools and partners work together to develop curriculum, share expertise and learning from one another, devise common policies and take ideas and best practice to suit the individual needs of each school. Working groups have been tackling topics including performance management, maths assessment, the early years programme, special educational needs, moderation of Year 6 work, school procurement and developing a strategic approach to the use, management and teaching of ICT across the schools. Furthermore, significant training and support has been in place from all the schools for the Trust NQTs.
There is clear evidence from Ofsted reports of existing co-operative schools that the co-operative dimension provides benefits in terms of curriculum, sustainability of school improvement strategies and further raising of aspirations across school communities as well as more effectively promoting community cohesion.
The co-operative movement offers a range of curriculum materials to the schools and encourages the Trust to address educational initiatives through local, national and international engagement. The Local Authority also continues to challenge and support the schools and take an active part in helping the schools and the Trust address national agendas
Catherine Lewis, Headteacher at Hollyfield Primary explained, “Strengths and areas for development are openly shared and solutions provided from within the strong partnership, thus ensuring a cohesive approach to the pursuit of excellence in education and high aspirations for the whole learning community”