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How the Learning Trust for Excellence can help you

Inspiring excellence and furthering opportunities for all is at the heart of the Learning Trust for Excellence.
We offer high quality school support including: in depth reviews to assist with self evaluation, post inspection requirements as well as helping to be Ofsted ready; bespoke training delivered by outstanding teachers to address specific needs; and development of curriculum materials and working policies to ensure compliance with the new curriculum and government requirements. We also offer leadership and mentoring support for staff and governors throughout the primary setting. learn more +
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Why a learning trust

Co-operative Trust Schools and Co-operative Academies are an increasingly popular alternative for schools to choose when they are looking at the future of their school. Schools that form a trust retain their independence but gain advantages from working as part of a wider collaboration. There are various forms of Co-operative Trust model:-

  • A single school co-operative trust
  • A cluster trust with several schools within the trust.
  • Hybrid models involving academies and trusts

Essentially, a trust school is a maintained school supported by a charitable foundation (often called The Trust). The Trust appoints some of the governors. By involving partners in the Trust, the aim is to use their experience and expertise to strengthen the leadership and governance and to help raise standards.

Co-operative Schools place a high emphasis on schools, teachers and the community working together to provide the best environment they can for young people. The development of young people into active global citizens is at the core of our philosophy.

Having worked well together in the past, the LTE schools formally established the Trust with a view to inspiring excellence and furthering opportunity for all. By forming a Co-operative Trust, each school retained it’s individual autonomy and Governing Body whilst at the same time offering exciting opportunities for it’s pupils, staff and wider community. This was crucial for the schools as they considered their options in the political environment dominated by on-going educational reform. It has also provided the flexibility that has allowed other schools, of different types, to join us.

As a group of high achieving schools with experienced Head teachers, it was important to be proactive in responding to the landscape and retaining what is unique and special about each school. However the schools were highly motivated to learn from the strengths of each other, share excellent practice and work together, engaging partners to be the best they can be. The Co-operative model offers that opportunity.


"Better deals and costs via suppliers."
"The meeting has enabled me, as a technician to gain further insight into how schools want to push ICT."
"...creates a safety net of colleagues to share with."
"I look forward to developing the partnership with the Trust. Collaboration is the key to success in education especially in the constantly changing world of computing."
"Partnership between schools and the university is helping both parties develop an understanding of how best to support trainees and new teachers."
"A great group to learn more about how ICT I being used in schools."
"Being part of a Trust has meant that I am not working in isolation and that I can discuss ideas and practice with other ICT leaders gaining new ideas and resources and saving on workload and duplicating on tasks."
"Working together has helped me feel more confident when introducing the new curriculum and has also benefitted me and staff with sharing of new ideas."